Iranian Distance

 Education Journal(IDEJ) 

Iranian Distance Education Journal  is a peer-reviewed international journal. Its goals are to engender research and scholarly activities in the broad fields of open, flexible, distance education and training. Iranian Distance Education Journal is one of the first journals published to focus exclusively on this area of educational practice and it continues to be seen by many, as a leader of the pack in terms of its scholarship, and scope and coverage of the field. The journal remains a primary source of original and scholarly work in the field for practitioners, teachers and students world over.



Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 2 - Serial Number 6, Spring 2020 

2. “We Learned Together it was Best Experiences for Me:” Website Creation in an ESL Classroom


Wendy Whitehead Martelle; Sabine Siekmann; Carolyn Mousseau-Knutson; Erica Harris; Danya Schimmack

6. Digital Tools for the Development of Oral Skills in English


Vera Lúcia Menezes de Oliveira e Paiva; Ronaldo Correa Gomes Junior